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Iberiana is pleased to offer a custom made range of Portuguese traditional riding costume for both ladies and gentlemen, catering for the more demanding taste, as well as an economy ‘off the peg’ range at very competitive prices, available in several standardised sizes and four colour coordinates.

Collar buttons

Collar buttons. Solid silver fasteners for the collar of the costume’s shirt. Available in silver or gold plated. Acorn or horse’s head models. 30€. [Silver cuffs, same models, also available by special request]
Suspending belt
Suspending belt. A complement for the traditional costume’s trousers. Elasticised with leather trimmings. Available in cream/brown and all-black. 27€

When ordering a hat, please state head diameter in cm

Mens Portuguese costume hat. Black felt. Satin ribbon. 75€


Mazantino hat. Gents’ hat. This hat model was introduced in the XIX century by Mazzantini, a Spanish entrepreneur, former bullfighter, and soon became rather fashionable in Portugal. Black felt. 75€


Ladies' hat
Ladies Portuguese costume hat. Black felt. Decorated with satin ribbon and wool pompons. 75€



Custom made range

Portuguese Traditional Riding Costume for ladies and gentlemen. Custom made by reputable dressmakers, according to the guidelines set in the book "The Portuguese Riding Costume" Various, styles, fabrics and colours to choose from. Available full costume (850€ ladies, 875€ mens) or single items.

Individual items priced as follows: jacket 290€, waistcoat 120€, trousers 120€, skirt 120€, lady's sash 35€, men's sash 40€, shirt (plain) 70€ (frilled) 80€, hat 75€, men's suspending belt 30€, collar buttons 30€.

Traditional Riding Costume Traditional riding costume Traditional Riding Costume 
 Riding costume  Riding boot

The Portuguese Traditional Riding Costume
The Portuguese Traditional Riding Costume. Bilingual edition, replenished with plenty of colour photos, many taken at the famous Golegă Horse Fair. This reference book, written by experts, provides a good foundation to anybody planning to make a costume or simply to expand knowledge on our equestrian tradition. A must for all the Portuguese equestrian library. Very few copies left, as print edition was discontinued. 90€

Off the peg range Bridles - Alter range

Clothing measurements - please see chart below.

Body Chart

Please contact Maria Manuel on either mm.iberiana@hotmail.com or +351.969241636 to order or for further details.



Portuguese saddle. “Relvas” model.
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Portuguese curb bit.
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Riding Cloak. "Capote Alentejano".
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Iberian stallions. Individual hand-painted tiles.
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