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Queluz range Bridles - Alter range
Alter range
"Courtesy" bridle
Portuguese bridle. “Courtesy” model. An exquisite bridle, used when the riders present their horses in the bullring. Available in black leather, with gold or silver plated metal decorations (rosasea or diamond). Includes a set of courtesy reins. 380€

Plain Portuguese bridle
Plain Portuguese bridle - single or double. With plain or fancy baroque buckles. Available in black or tan leather, with gold or silver plated metal buckles.

Single 110€


Double 155€

Half Courtesy bridle
Portuguese bridle. “Half-Courtesy” model - single or double . A bridle for those special events. Available in black or tan leather, with gold or silver plated metal decorations.

Single 160€


Double 205€


Buckle styles - plain (left) and fancy (right)

Buckle styles

Portuguese bridles are produced on a standardised size (C-F equivalent), with the Iberian horse head in mind. However, we would be pleased to accommodate with custom measurements.

Bespoke bridles also available to customer's requirements. Black, brown or tan leather and a range of gold or silver plated decorations to choose from. 105€ single/130€ double Pic 1 Pic 2


Portuguese saddle. “Relvas” model.
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Portuguese curb bit.
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Riding Cloak. "Capote Alentejano".
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Iberian stallions. Individual hand-painted tiles.
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